Guest Book for Edouardine M. (Donovan) Conway

Provided by Short, Williamson & Diamond

Posted by: Laura Cotreau
Mon April 27, 2020
Our Aunt Donnie
“Auntie” as we called you growing up
Fond of beautiful Siamese cats-not pups
Always helpful, thoughtful, giving and kind
Sharing your knowledge, quietly from behind

Beautiful and outgoing, that’s what your friends at Lesleyan all said
Fun, passionate and International Club head!
A fashion plate, you always looked so lovely
Dressed for every occasion perfectly, maybe just a little bubbly

Great accomplishments you reached-teaching kindergarten can be unbearable,
But not for you, you did so caringly and so capable
Senator Sumner G. Whittier, did also attest
His children received their fine early education from the best

Enlisting for our country to help our cause
You didn’t hesitate-you did it just because
Finding ways to help others-no matter the need
Contributing and doing good was your creed

You traveled and saw many sites in the world
London, Belgium, Germany oh my word
You documented all the stops very clearly and neatly
Each and every picture-posed, poised and sweetly
Described in detail-a trait we admire
And something we all secretly desire
For details and directions were your forté,
What else could you do? It was your way

Talented and artistic-your knitting was number one
Lovingly created, ne’er slowing ‘til the project was done
Music and theater were in your blood-
One professor wrote “you should go to Hollywood”!

Your trip to California was a highlight of your life
One lifelong friend, Ann, there for goods times or strife
Big Suur, The Golden Gate, good friends-what a ride!
We thank you for staying true-remaining her guide

Through all you were determined, practical and strong
Through quarrels that lasted 30 years too long
Through war and peace, and love and loss
You did your best-depending on the Cross

Persevering when faced with situations to make you blue;
Others may have given up-but never you
We took for granted all you did for us
Not diligently; not on purpose

There will never be another like you, Aunt Edouardine,
But now we see there’s a light that gleens
It’s come time for you to go away now,
But we all want you to know how

Much we loved you though you maybe didn’t see
What we shared and missed, all history
Our hearts will miss you surly, for many years to come
Forever and a day and then still… some!